The vision of "United States of Europe" could become reality in the near future. We recommend that entrepreneurs and private individuals who are present on the Internet, or would like to become so, apply for a suitable eu domain in good time.

Frankcom IT Service is one of the first accredited registrars for eu domains and has been working for Eurid since 2005. In addition to the registration of eu domain names and the project planning of websites, the marketing of domain names on behalf of customers is one of the most important tasks of our company.


Since 2011, we have increasingly been marketing domain names that were applied for in connection with the introduction of eu domains in the sunrise phase but were not allocated to the applicants at that time. A large part of these domains were later registered by the investor group Aceria Limited (Ovidio Limited, Fausto Limited, Gabino Limited) under the first-come-first-served principle.

We also run our own projects in the service, health and tourism sectors. The information portal, launched in August 2009 together with Karsten Scholz, is one of our most popular projects.