The domain is the unique name of a website. Domains are not tangible but intangible goods. The legal transaction consists of the transfer of ownership of a domain. The rights to the domain are transferred from the seller to the buyer. The purchase of a domain is comparable to the purchase of a piece of real estate. With the purchase of a domain, you acquire a "building site" on the internet. With the project planning you build a "house". Provided that no rights of third parties are violated, the domain trade is a legal transaction according to the applicable supreme court rulings.

Owner change

The change of ownership of a domain is carried out by the current holder informing the future holder of the authorisation code of the domain. To achieve this, the domain holder contacts the current registrar of the domain. The domain holder receives the authorisation code from the registrar. He transmits it to the future domain holder, who then passes it on to his registrar.

The transfer is carried out immediately after the new registrar has started the transfer in the EURid system, as transfers are confirmed in advance by the authorisation code. It is up to each party to determine the extent to which they will record their agreements in a written contract. Sample contracts can be found in sufficient numbers on the Internet.

Domain offers

We manage high-quality domains in the generic area and a large number of short two- and three-digit domains. With the exception of the information page you will not find any directories of the domains we manage. Most of the time interested parties who become aware of us by entering the domain name contact us directly.

If we decide, in consultation with the domain holder, not to project a domain, we will also actively approach possible interested parties in individual cases. In particular, if the domain was applied for in the sunrise phase but has not been allocated.

Domain prices

Concerning pricing, we do not orientate ourselves on unrealistic price ideas, but instead endeavour to determine a correct price for each domain. To do this, we consult existing appraisals by reputable domain appraisers and average prices for comparable domains that have already been traded. In addition, the linguistic evaluation, the length of the domain, bids already received, local and global search queries, costs per click, type-ins and the popularity of the term are all taken into account in the evaluation. It is also important whether and how often the domain was applied for in the sunrise phase.

Generic domains are especially valuable. These include terms such as holidays, coins or automobiles; in other words, terms that describe something in general. In addition, very short domains are considered particularly valuable, especially if they describe the product exactly (e.g.: ice cream, euro) or reflect one's own company name exactly. But be careful: Even here, it is important not to violate the name or trademark rights of third parties.

Domain purchase

In principle, we are also very interested in purchasing generic and two- and three-digit domains. We buy domains with hyphens, fantasy names or letter-number combinations only in exceptional cases. Our main focus is on eu domains. However, we are also interested in com de and at domains. Please offer us your domain(s) with your asking price.